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3rdEye is guided by investing and marketing-minded professionals.


From raising awareness to raising capital 3rdEye has the expertise to implement a strategic outreach program that effectively communicates your company's evolving story to our existing network and a wider audience. 

We specialize in junior mining and natural resource exploration.


Daniel T. Cook
Dan Maarsman Jr.
Jorge Rivera

Scottsdale, AZ


Starting out, Daniel was a stockbroker during his college years. At the age of 23 he founded his own Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. Daniel is a prospector of the markets, constantly digging for exceptional opportunities. Helping those companies get discovered and gain traction in the marketplace is Mr. Cook's main objective.

Vancouver, BC


Born and raised in Vancouver, Mr. Maarsman knows the ins and outs of the resources industry like few others. Dan started his financial career as a stockbroker working with Union Securities in the 1980s. Exploration companies have been calling on him for advice, capital, and IR support ever since.

West Palm Beach, FL


From designing business cards to successfully helping over 2,000 families save their homes from foreclosure, Mr. Rivera's experiences are vast. Jorge specializes in getting attention via creative marketing methods and social media strategies. At heart Jorge is both designer and salesman, this rare combination will have investors getting excited about your story.

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