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We are investing and marketing-minded IR professionals.

Many companies think IR is a "cost", but in reality, when done professionally, IR is a "profit center".


IR can be a profit center for many reasons-- future financings are completed faster and transaction costs are lower because your stock price is higher. When your publicly traded company is valued more fairly there's less chance of being a takeover target. Plus, insider stock options are worth more money!


As the manager of a public company your currency is your stock price and it shouldn't be neglected nor' under-funded. We know junior mining and exploration is a risky business. Investing into a professionally managed IR campaign is one of the safest yet most rewarding areas to allocate funds.

Here's what most companies under-appreciate about a professionally executed IR campaign...

An IR professional wears many hats and must have a working knowledge of the overall industry, which includes:

  • Legal-- knowing what you can say, can't say, how and when, all while answering questions in a way that instills desire to become a shareholder isn't easy. It can be like walking thru a securities regulatory mine field. You must have a good understanding of the rules to avoid trouble.

  • Capital Markets-- an IR professional sits at the intersection between management and investors. They must provide feedback, help manage expectations, and generate leads toward securing capital.

  • Sales & Marketing-- mastering the art of sales and marketing is a lifelong pursuit. Trends change, wants and needs change, techniques that worked yesterday won't necessarily work tomorrow. Having a good grasp on psychology is also important.

  • Geology-- translating complex topics into layman's terms isn't an ability that comes natural to everyone. To be effective, this translation must also be branded and communicated in a memorable way.

With nearly a century of collective investing and marketing experience, largely geared toward junior mining and exploration stocks, 3rdEye is uniquely qualified to manage those tasks outlined above (and more).

Analyst Reports

This one of a kind professional document is perfect for educating the discerning investor. Easy reading, yet in-depth analysis that's capable of generating new buyers into your stock.

Market Making

Serious investors, speculators, and traders are attracted to liquidity. When your stock isn't actively traded it's perceived to be less attractive. Liquid stocks have an easier time raising capital and tend to command premium valuations.

Investor Relations

From raising awareness to raising capital 3rdEye has the expertise to implement a strategic outreach program that effectively communicates your company's evolving story to its network and a wider audience.

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